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Alarm Maintenance

The Team at Top Gear Security are able to repair all types of Alarm Systems on the market, however some older type of Alarm Systems may need to be upgraded. You may like to consider to upgrade to add Pet Sensors if you have pets. You may want to add extra Code-pads or Key fobs to your Alarm System also.

To avoid being woken up at 2am, it is important to keep your security alarm system in good working order. Regular servicing helps to maintain the performance of your alarm. It is important to have your alarm system serviced at least once a year. Regular servicing of an alarm ensures the system’s reliability and durability. Top Gear Security services all makes and models of alarms.

Alarm Maintenance Repairs & Services include: Alarm beeping, lost burglar alarm user codes, emergency alarm repairs whereby the alarm is unable to stop the siren, as well as upgrades and alarm service faults such as flashing constant lights on and false alarms.

Sunshine Coast Alarm Maintenance