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Back-to-Base Alarm Monitoring

Did you know that you can reduce your building and contents insurance when having an alarm – speak to Anthony or Cindy today for some sound advice on 0414 392 004.

Feel safe and secure knowing that your Home and/or Office or Commercial space, in the Sunshine Coast or surrounding areas is being monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Installing a state of the art alarm system will give you Peace of Mind for your family and/or business. We have reliable technology that will detect fire, theft and medical emergencies.

Protecting Food:  Top Gear Security can protect not only staff and patrons in cafes & restaurants, but also food. Top Gear Security has installed many set cooler room alarms, on the Sunshine Coast when stock falls below a certain temperature to guard against food spoilage, which has saved a lot of money for supermarkets, restaurants and cafes.

Hold up buttons or panic buttons have also be installed in many Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas under the counter, near the cash register in the event of a robbery within any shop front, and has a fast response rate to advise police and any other personnel.

Partial alarming: Top Gear Security can provide you with a system that can be partially armed for sections of your home or business whilst still on your premises, to alert you of intrusion.

Response measures are promptly taken which is reliable and very cost effective to safeguard your family and business. There are NO hidden contracts that you will be locked into.

Our lives are very busy these days, so neighbours don’t always hear alarms go off as they’re not home. Action will be taken immediately when an alarm goes off and police, ambulance will be at premises immediately depending on what’s needed.

Top Gear Security provides remote access to your own alarm system using the comfort of your own computer or iPhone.

The monitoring of the Alarm system and panic/duress from our 24 hour graded 1A control room can provide a response to system generated alarms as per client’s instructions. The control room can provide high speed notifications within 30 seconds of receiving signals via SMS, Live operator calls and emails providing opening and closing reports.

Top Gear Security
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