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Commercial Security

Multiple Commercial premises in New Development Areas:

Top Gear Security can also provide security solutions for a discounted price to many Commercial units, such as offices,  that are being developed at the pre-wire stage, and commissioned off during the lock up stage of development.  We have worked with many builders in the past and have used the installation of a back to base alarm as a ‘value add’ to sell their Commercial premises in new developments.

Commercial security alarms
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Multiple Alarm Design Options:

Top Gear Security can install a range of products for access control solutions, or integrate these with a new or existing alarm system. As a commercial business owner, you may need to cover multiple access points and monitor employee attendance. Top Gear Security can assess the Commercial premises and give you a complimentary security and risk assessment, and give you advice on the right security system that would suit your business.

You may want to consider establishing access control on your Commercial premises, ensuring both the safety of your staff and customers,you’re your company’s confidentiality. Whether you require a way to restrict after-hours building access or entry into a high-security area, we can design and install a system that meets your requirements. These can include the most common ways to limit access to particular areas such as using a proximity card or key fob, a PIN number or a combination of both. Should you need to track staff movements, Top Gear Security can set up a system that allows you to record and view these movements at a later date.

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