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Home Security

Multiple Homes in New Development Areas:

Top Gear Security can also provide security solutions for a discounted price to many residential units, homes that are being developed at the pre-wire stage, and commissioned off during the lock up stage of development.  We have worked with many builders in the past and have used the installation of a back to base alarm as a ‘value add’ to sell their multiple homes in new developments.

Top Gear Security systems are varied according to the needs of each family, and/or business – no matter how big or small. We tailor packages according to your needs and your budget.

Hard Wired or Wireless Alarm:

Hard wired systems include keypads, sensors and smoke detectors, and are directly connected to the control panel via cables.

If you are renting, and want a portable option, then a wireless alarm is right for you. The alarm system includes a keypad, sensors and smoke detectors and can be easily moved from one place to another.

sunshine coast home security alarm

Alarm Maintenance:

The Team at Top Gear Security are able to repair all types of Alarm Systems on the market, however some older type of Alarm Systems may need to be upgraded. You may like to consider to upgrade to add Pet Sensors if you have pets. You may want to add extra Code-pads or Key fobs to your Alarm System also.

To avoid being woken up at 2am, it is important to keep your security alarm system in good working order. Regular servicing helps to maintain the performance of your alarm. It is important to have your alarm system serviced at least once a year. Regular servicing of an alarm ensures the system’s reliability and durability. Top Gear Security services all makes and models of alarms.

Alarm Maintenance Repairs & Services include: Alarm beeping, lost burglar alarm user codes, emergency alarm repairs whereby the alarm is unable to stop the siren, as well as upgrades and alarm service faults such as flashing constant lights on and false alarms.

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