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Medical and Personal Alarms

Sunshine Coast Medical and Personal Alarms

Alarm systems are used not only for protecting your home, they are also used for your personal safety. Medical or Personal alarm systems can be easy to set up and there are many options out there for you, depending on your needs. Alarm systems vary depending on your personal needs, to name just a few, they can be a pre-programmed telephone, a household alarm, an intercom system, a shower or toilet falling alarm, location monitoring, a personal alarm warn as a pendant or a medication reminder.

The most important thing is to have an “Action Plan” if an alarm goes off. For example, have you considered who will be informed first? Response times are critical and having a list of 3-5 people is important if it’s a critical condition. Do they live next door? Is it a relative nearby? Is it an onsite nurse? Did you want to inform the local Ambulance service first? Wearing a panic button which is non-intrusive, as well as a waterproof (as you can wear it in the shower) is important, and we can supply these that look like a watch or necklace. These panic buttons are state-of-the-art systems and are comfortable to wear.

Smoke Detectors: 

By law, all new homes and rental properties in Australia need smoke detectors installed.

In the event of a fire, it will keep you and your home safe. Don’t risk it – talk to Anthony and his team at Top Gear Security to see where smoke detectors should be strategically installed to give you the best outcome possible in the event of a fire.

Optional key fobs:

lb_medical_alertTop Gear Security can provide key fobs for your alarm so your entry and exit are keyless – this can give you more comfort and convenience when opening and closing the gate or garage door.

Top Gear Security can help you with remote access to your own systems using the comfort of your own computer or iPhone. It will give you access to camera’s installed to your home or business.

Access control: Top Gear Security can install access control systems for controlling access from garages to access for staff in office premises.

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